Common Platy

Common platy

The common platy is a small and vibrant freshwater fish that is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts.

Lookdown fish

Lookdown fish

The lookdown fish is a true alien-like creature. We wouldn’t be surprised if some Hollywood characters were inspired by the look of this fish.



Batfish are unique fish that grow quite big. Keeping them in an aquarium is not always the best choice, but if you want to, read all about its needs here.

Rhinopias frondosa 1

Weedy scorpionfish

The weedy scorpionfish is a strange looking fish. As the English name ‘weedy scorpionfish’ suggests, they can resemble a weed, planted on the bottom of the sea.

Pterois volitans 1

Red Lionfish

The Red Lionfish hunts like lions do, but they also kind of look like lions as well with their long, flowing gently in the water dorsal and pectoral fins.

Neoceratodus forsteri 1

Australian lungfish

The Australian lungfish, also known as Barramunda or Burnett Salmon, is a real living fossil. It has been around for almost 400 million years!

Pantodon buchholzi 1

African butterfly fish

The African butterfly fish, also known as the Freshwater Butterfly Fish, is an all-round freshwater species. It is a unique looking fish and can ‘fly’.

Dermogenys pusillus

Wrestling Halfbeak

The wrestling halfbeak is a surface fish that looks like a small pike fish. Most of the time you’ll find it swimming just under the surface of the water.

Discus fish

Discus fish

The Discus fish is by many considered the king of freshwater fish and the ultimate challenge in the freshwater hobby.

Poecilia reticulata


The guppy is a beautiful fish and is commonly found in aquariums. It makes a great starter fish for anyone looking to get into the aquarium hobby.

Heteroconger hassi

Black Spotted Garden Eel

Black spotted garden eels can look just like plants sticking out of the sandy bottom of the ocean, but they are beautiful creatures to keep!

Polypterus senegalus

Senegal Bichir (Dragon Fish) 

Polypterus senegalus, Senegal Bichir or Dragon Fish, is a relict representative of the African fauna and a real pre-historic dinosaur-like looking fish.



The seahorse is a bony fish. There are believed to be around 45 to 55 species of seahorses in the world. Read all about it!

Gobiodon okinawae

Yellow Coralgoby

The yellow coralgoby is an excellent species for a nano tank because of its small size and locally staying swimming behavior.

Calloplesiops altivelis 1

The Comet (marine betta)

The marine betta comet fish is a one-of-a-kind fish and a great addition to any reef aquarium. It looks gorgeous!

Prionocidaris baculosa 1

Crown-spined Pencil Urchin

This urchin is mainly active at night. Its diet is made up of multiple things, including corals and sponges, making it a risk to keep in a reef aquarium.

Lysmata Amboinensis

Pacific Cleaner Shrimp

An absolute must have member of the overall clean-up crew for a reef aquarium is the Pacific cleaner shrimp. Read all about it!

Dwarf sucking catfish

Dwarf sucking catfish

The dwarf sucking catfish is a social real schooling fish with an established hierarchy. These fish are also very peaceful.

Flame Hawkfish

Flame hawkfish

One of the most fun species in the reef aquarium hobby is the beautiful flame hawkfish. Read all about it!

Echidna nebulosa 1

Snowflake moray

The snowflake moray is one of the most common eels found in the reefing hobby due to its relatively ‘small size’ in captivity.

Cryptocentrus cinctus 1

Yellow prawn-goby

The yellow prawn-goby is a useful fish, an important member of the clean-up crew in any reef tank as it likes to dwell through sand bottoms, filtering sand.

Coris Aygula 1

Clown Coris

People often buy the clown coris fish when they are young, because of their incredible color pattern, plain white with bright orange markings.

Lamprologus ocellatus

Ocellated Shell-dweller

The Ocellated Shell-dweller is a great fish that is known for living in snail shells. Read all about the requirements to keep them in your aquarium!

Marbled whiptail

Marbled whiptail

The marbled whiptail is an algae eater with a long, slim, almost shark-like torpedo bodies. Keeping them can be a challenge.

Purple Peruvian Pencil fish

Purple Peruvian Pencil fish

The Peruvian Pencil fish is a small but strikingly beautiful fish and a real eye catcher in any home aquarium. Read on to learn more.

Exquisite Firefish

Exquisite Firefish

Nemateleotris Exquisita, also known as the Exquisite Firefish, is a beautiful, colorful fish, which was described from specimens collected in 2013 in the Red Sea around South Africa.

Pomacanthus xanthometopon

Blueface / Yellowface Angelfish

The Blueface / Yellowface Angelfish is a beautiful marine fish and is often found in coral rich areas. It thanks its name to the striking facial colouration.

Enantiopus Kilesa 1

Enantiopus Kilesa

Enantiopus Kilesa can be found in the waters of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. They are quite easily intimidated by other fish and don’t engage fights quickly.

Aba Aba Knifefish

Aba Aba Knifefish

The incredible Aba Aba Knifefish is one of the largest knifefish out there, reaching lengths up to 170 cm and weighing up to 18 kg.

Pseudomugil sp.

Pseudomugil sp. Iriani

The Pseudomugil is a beautiful little fish that comes in many species, which gives you a lot of choice when selecting colourful fish for your aquarium.

Daisys Ricefish

Daisy’s Ricefish

The Ricefish is a beautiful fish species that is perfect for the nano aquarium due to its small size.

Atlantic mudskipper

Atlantic Mudskipper

Atlantic mudskippers can be great pets, but are not suited for inexperienced fishkeepers. Read on to find out more!

Bluefin Nothobranch

Bluefin Nothobranch

If you are looking for a colorful fish, the Bluefin Nothobranch is the way to go! The color pallete of the male fish is beautiful.

Yellow Blaze Zimbawe Rock

Yellow Blaze Zimbawe Rock

The Yellow Blaze Zimbawe Rock is a beautifully colored fish and originates from Lake Malawi in Africa, where they inhabit caves.

Diamond dwarf rainbow fish

Diamond (Neon) Dwarf Rainbow fish

The Diamond (Neon) Dwarf Rainbow fish is an intelligent, beautiful and – if kept properly – active and happy fish. What do you think of this beauty?

Moorish idol

Moorish Idol

This week we will take a look at the Moorish Idol, a beautiful fish. But don’t think this is an easy one to keep, because they are very picky eaters!

Dwarf puffer fish

Dwarf Puffer Fish

This week we’ll look at the dwarf puffer fish! This little fish has some special needs, so read on to learn about them!

Snow alligator gar

Snow Alligator Gar

It is a rare and expensive fish, popular because of its prehistoric look, the Snow Alligator Gar!

Black ice clownfish

Black Ice Clownfish

The Black Ice Clownfish, one of the smallest anemonefish out there and known by a lot of people because of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’.



They may not be the most well-known fish for aquarium keepers, but this beautiful little killifish can be found in various colours and variations.

Chili rasbora

Chili Rasbora

Looking for a beautiful, active and easy to keep fish? Chili Rasbora!

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