Welcome to eSHa Aquarium Products, a specialist range for hobbyists.

eSHa Aquarium Products have over 35 years research and manufacturing expertise in:

• Health care products for ornamental fish.
• Supplements for tropical fish.
• Products against aquatic snails and algae.
• Products for aquatic plant growth and health.
• Test strips for determining water quality.

With eSHa products, the focus is on quality and value for money. The latest manufacturing techniques and rigorous testing guarantees consistent high quality whilst the pharmaceutical grade ingredients ensure superior performance. Inert packaging materials are utilized to ensure extended shelf life and product stability.

To browse this site, please select categories from the menu on the left hand side. 'Products' contains specific information and related advice about eSHa aquarium products. Click on 'Advice' for an overview of how best to learn about the hobby.

In 'Tools' you can perform many commonly used calculations such as calculating the volume of your aquarium.

In F.A.Q.S we answer the most common queries that aquarists ask us about eSHa products whilst 'Links' is our chance to recommend useful aquatic websites. Our address can be found in 'Contact' for any trade and product related queries.

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